Washing Waterproof Items & Exploding Washers

Waterproof items & “exploding” washers

Please be aware that every brand of washer has had this happen, and it’s 100% user error using the incorrect cycles, especially when washing waterproof items.

Whenever you wash waterproof or water-resistant items you always wash on the waterproof cycle or on delicate. *Never mix the loads with other items like clothing or towels.*

Some examples of waterproof or water-resistant items are shower curtain liners, waterproof mattress pads, raincoats, sleeping bags, etc.

The Waterproof or water-resistant items can increase the chance of loads becoming unbalanced in some washers, and that can cause excessive shaking and damage, which can completely ruin your machine. These items can attach to the sides of the washer during the spin cycle, and then blocks the water from spraying out the holes which will cause it to spin out of control.

New washers typically have a sticker and warning all throughout the manuals to never mix waterproof items with clothing and other things to prevent this from happening.

Please note that it’s not only waterproof or water-resistant items that can cause this. Bedding, sheets, blankets, etc. can also have this happen if washed on an incorrect cycle, spin speed, and amount in the washer. Always read your manuals, use the correct cycles, and never overload your machine.

By: Lexi Watts