Strip, Deep Clean, or Sanitize?

Throughout your laundering life there may come a time or two where you feel the need to go above and beyond your normal laundering routine for certain items. Here is a guide to help you decide the best option and possibly ways to avoid the need in the future.


When SHOULD you Strip?
  1. Has the item in question been washed repeatedly in untreated hard water leaving signs of dinginess, smell or loss of absorbency?
  2. Did you buy the item in question used, from someone else who might have washed it repeatedly in untreated hard water?
  3. Have you been using a weak detergent or something that can coat the fabrics? (eg. homemade, Charlie’s, All’s liquid detergent, or frequent use of fabric softener?)
If you answered yes to ANY of those, then stripping MIGHT be for you.


When SHOULD you Deep Clean?
  1. Did you answer no to all of the questions above?
  2. Is the item in question heavily soiled?


Examples of Deep Clean Items:
  • Pack and Plays
  • Couch Cushions or Pillows
  • Comforters
  • Blankets
  • Laundry
  • Rugs
  • Stuffed Animals


When SHOULD you Sanitize?
  • There is no need to sanitize, as we are using proper detergent and agitation to remove the bacteria every time we wash. With that being said you may find yourself on occasion battling such bacterial and viral issues such as Hand, Foot, Mouth disease, Staph, Yeast, or the Flu that may lead you to desire an increased level of protection in the laundry room.


For full directions on how to do each, see the page links below:


By Jennifer Brock with an adaptation by Katie Trump