Urine on Couch

If you have a Shop-Vac or handheld carpet cleaner, suck up as much urine as possible. If you do not have either of those, use towels to absorb the urine.

  • Spray with an Enzymatic cleaner such as Biokleen Bac-Out, Kids n’ Pets, or Nature’s Miracle, let it sit, suck up/absorb excess and repeat as necessary.

  • When dealing with potty training, take couch cushion covers off the sofa, put the cushions themselves in big black trash bags, then put the covers back on.

  • If there is an accident, you only need to worry about the covers and just changing the trash bags vs. dealing with the cushion as well.

  • If you don’t have cushions that come off, you can get a cheap plastic shower curtain liner (dollar tree has some) then put a fitted sheet over the couch too.

By: Lexi Watts