How to Clean Your Bedding and Pillows

Blankets and Bedding
  • Always wash bedding on the hottest water that the material allows. Hot water ensures that your body oils can break down and be released in to the wash.
  • Wash on the heavy duty cycle (if possible) with hot water, detergent, and Biz or Oxiclean White Revive.
    • Both Biz and Oxiclean White Revive are detergent boosters, odor removers, and stain fighters that contain enzymes.
  • Dry in the dryer with wool dryer balls or tennis balls, if possible. This is not necessary, but the balls will help with air flow, which aids the drying process.


Pillows with Synthetic Filling
  • Do not wash more than 2 pillows at one time, one on each side of the washer to keep it balanced.
  • Wash the pillows on the delicate cycle with hot water, detergent, and a ½ cup of regular disinfecting bleach.
    • Make sure you use a new bottle of regular disinfecting bleach or one that has been opened in the last 9 months. Bleach has a relatively short lifespan. It loses its disinfecting properties and overall effectiveness over a period of time. It will become cloudy and milky in texture once it starts to or has gone bad.
    • Splash-less, scented, and color safe bleach do NOT disinfect.
  • Dry for at least two 60-minute timed cycles in the dryer. Add wool dryer balls or tennis balls to help prevent clumping. Make sure the pillows are fully dry to prevent mold growth.


Memory Foam Pillows
  • You should never wash memory foam material due to the very high risk of mold. You can follow this simple process to allow the material to breathe and absorb fresh air:
    • Remove the pillowcase and cover and roll the pillow (like a sleeping bag), then unroll. Repeat this procedure, rolling in the opposite direction.
    • You can also sprinkle with baking soda and set the pillow(s) outside in the sun.


By Lexi Watts