The EWG is very loosely based on science and mostly operates on fear mongering. We do not believe in fear mongering and prefer to back things up with evidence. That evidence being legitimate research and peer-reviewed studies.

We firmly believe in people making choices they feel are right for their families, and know what may be right for one family, may not be right for another.

Our group is here to help you make those choices without fear mongering and using science. The EWG is known for inconsistencies with products. One product can contain something, and its unsafe; another product can contain the same thing, but its rated as safe.

Here are some fantastic links that go into more detail if you are wanting to read more about EWG and their unreliability:





For those wondering what the EWG is: EWG is Environmental Working Group. It’s a website that “rates” household products, cosmetics, etc so consumers can determine them safe, or unsafe. However like I mentioned its extremely unreliable and there isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason behind a lot of their rating.

If you want a reliable source, try the Household Products Database: